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Management & Maintenance

After installation, the maintenance and control phases of the photovoltaic system are of fundamental importance.
Proper management and cleaning of the photovoltaic panels and accumulation systems allows the system to be kept in optimal operating conditions and maximum efficiency. Over the years, not only the modules but various components of the photovoltaic system can suffer damage or loss of functionality, even partial; such damages can compromise its production and capabilities. Green Solar Energy offers a complete O&M (Operation & Maintenance) service in Rome and in the municipalities of Lazio, for small and large plants.

The assistance service for photovoltaic systems consisting of:

  • Ordinary on-site maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance for restoration and commissioning
  • Remote management and monitoring 24/365 days a day
  • Administrative and bureaucratic management on behalf of the final customer
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The Operation & Maintenance intervention packages are calibrated on the needs of the customer, who can choose the individual services listed above; moreover, they are services structured on the technical characteristics of the plant. In general, however, O&M activities can be divided into three macro areas:

Ordinary Maintenance
  • Inspection of the electrical and mechanical part of the system
  • Green maintenance of ground systems.
  • Cleaning of photovoltaic modules with suitable machinery
  • Check the plant's reducibility
  • Reporting of O&M interventions
Extraordinary maintenance
  • Emergency intervention in case of failure or malfunction
  • Operation restored also with spare parts service.
  • Revamping and re-design of systems
  • Performance verification
  • Adjustments to the A70 standard
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Reporting of O&M interventions
  • Monitoring system for new photovoltaic systems
  • Monitoring system for already built plants
  • Remote control of the system 24/365 hours a day
  • Performance verification in real time
  • Monthly reporting of plant activity
  • Online portal for direct verification by the customer


Proper maintenance of the photovoltaic system is the best way to protect and maximize your investment. The benefits of proper management can be summarized as follows:

Greater yields

Effective ordinary maintenance, prompt extraordinary maintenance and correct monitoring of the photovoltaic systems allow the expected functional performance to be maintained. In some cases, they also increase the yield, optimizing the initial design.

Duration of the plant

Capable management gives the possibility of extending the life of the system, beyond that provided by the typical guarantees of suppliers of photovoltaic products.

Cost reduction

Personalized routine maintenance and efficient management of the administrative part allow for significant savings on the management costs of the photovoltaic system.

Zero Worries

Full service monitoring and consequent prompt intervention allow absolute tranquility in the technical and administrative management of the photovoltaic system.


Advantages Of A Photovoltaic System With Storage

Social Energy has already built many systems with storage , both designed as stand-alone photovoltaic systems and systems connected to the network. For this reason, it offers its customers extensive experience and global assistance for the construction of storage systems, in the Rome and Lazio areas.

We design and build photovoltaic systems with gel or lithium technology . Through targeted consultancy we can identify among the many technologies, the one that best suits your needs.


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