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Modern and Efficient Photovoltaic Systems

Clean and renewable energy? It is the one that is freely poured from the Sun on our planet. A gift that we can exploit by adopting suitable photovoltaic systems , with or without battery storage, perfect for residential or commercial buildings in Rome and Lazio. A photovoltaic system of the correct size and functionality allows the daily energy needs of individuals or companies to be met , freeing them from the ever-increasing costs of energy procurement from local distributors. By adopting systems with photovoltaic panels , no harmful substances (CO2) are introduced into the environment, and bill costs are considerably reduced. Discover all the advantages of photovoltaic technology, by now the most stable and efficient, among those available for self-production of energy.

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Services on Photovoltaic Systems

Energy Consultancy

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, it is essential that the dimensions and characteristics of the photovoltaic systems are the result of a careful analysis of the consumption habits of future self-producers. To carefully evaluate which systems to install, we provide complete assistance for choosing the most suitable photovoltaic system for the needs of each type of user. We develop a technical-economic analysis useful for the correct evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio linked to the investment in photovoltaics.


A good photovoltaic system is judged by its performance over time. Each photovoltaic energy supply system, with or without storage, that we have designed over the years is the result of skillful teamwork. Our technical office and our installation teams constantly evaluate and select the best products on the market in the solar energy sector. We design simple photovoltaic systems , photovoltaic panel systems with Tesla batteries and other solutions to accumulate and reuse the energy produced.


Social Energy is aware of the strategic value of the plant installation phase, and of the essential need to have competent reference figures capable of transforming the project into a concrete work. For this reason, we have highly specialized internal technicians, updated through training courses held by competent bodies and by the main leading partners in the sector, for the design and installation of efficient photovoltaic systems. The role of the installer, in fact, is decisive both in the construction phase and in the assistance and maintenance of the system. Using only internal staff, Solar Energy technicians pay the utmost attention to every detail. They have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the photovoltaic systems created, and are able to provide periodic maintenance services, remote control and prompt intervention in the event of malfunction (see dedicated sections).

Administrative Process

A correctly installed photovoltaic system that complies with all regulatory requirements is the result of a long and sometimes complicated technical-authorization procedure. Proper management of this phase is essential to maximize production, ensure prompt connection to the plant's electricity grid and avoid any problems or delays in relations with the bodies involved.


Thanks to monitoring we ensure maximum efficiency of the photovoltaic systems. We check the electrical parameters in real time and collect any alarms from the inverter. We are able to design and guide the customer in choosing the most appropriate system, given the characteristics of the photovoltaic system.


A well-designed photovoltaic system , having no moving parts, needs minimal routine maintenance. This activity, however, is essential to ensure maximum energy production and verify the correct functioning of the photovoltaic system with or without battery storage. For a more detailed description, refer to the dedicated section (O&M).

Periodic Cleaning

Given the importance of cleaning the surface of the modules, to ensure maximum production from the photovoltaic system, Social Energy has decided to invest in the purchase of a special cleaning machine. It is a device designed to treat water and purify it from any impurities. We recommend cleaning the photovoltaic modules at least once a year , especially in the periods preceding the months of maximum production (spring and summer).

The Advantages Of Photovoltaic Systems

Reduce your bills

Unplug, cut costs will be reduced

More value

More value to your home. A house that “produces” energy.

Be autonomous

Produce your consumption, it's easy!

Respect environment

Your current is lighter with less effect

Resell energy

Earn even when you're away from home

Take advantage

Deduct 50% of the expense incurred

Our Premium Services

Social Energy offers a complete Asset Management service for all types of photovoltaic production plants from renewable energy sources. In particular, it operates as manager for: administrative practices, plant stacking, preparatory practices for plant construction, transfers, GSE, periodic verification of measurement equipment.

Well-designed photovoltaic systems, having no moving parts.

The Stability Law for 2016 extended the concessions for interventions for the construction of certain types of photovoltaic systems from renewable sources and for the implementation of interventions aimed at achieving energy efficiency through a tax deduction system.

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