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Photovoltaic with Accumulation

Photovoltaic with accumulation refers to a system that combines photovoltaic (PV) technology with energy storage, such as batteries. In this system, the energy generated by the solar panels is used to power the loads in the building and any excess energy is stored in the battery. This allows the energy to be used when the sun is not shining or when the demand for energy is higher than the supply from the solar panels. Thanks to a photovoltaic system with storage, we guarantee maximum energy savings for individuals and companies.

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Photovoltaic System With Storage

When we speak of a photovoltaic system with accumulation, or storage (storage), we mean a system that gives the possibility of accumulating the electricity produced by a generation system.
The storage applied to a photovoltaic system was conceived as a solution to the problem of the non-constant availability of the sun. Energy storage, in fact, allows the photovoltaic system with batteries to prepare an accumulation when there is more sun , and to use the energy in reserve , when needed.
When a user (residential or business) is equipped with a photovoltaic system with accumulation and energy storage, is able to guarantee a strong independence from the electricity grid.

This type of photovoltaic system can use the energy produced on site (energy at km 0), and maximize self -consumption , providing the energy produced in the peak hours available at other times of the day - for example in the evening.

Advantages of a Photovoltaic System with Storage

More autonomy

You are energetically independent, sheltered from expensive bills

More self-consumption

Increase your energy consumption by up to 80% in real-time

More power

Increase the power available in your home, without increasing costs

More incentives

Tax deductions of 50% and reduced VAT for photovoltaics

More savings

Switch to electric, and save on gas costs in our personal budget

More quality

Avoid annoying blackouts, never again lack of electricity

Advantages Of A Photovoltaic System With Storage

Social Energy has already built many systems with storage , both designed as stand-alone photovoltaic systems and systems connected to the network. For this reason, it offers its customers extensive experience and global assistance for the construction of storage systems, in the Rome and Lazio areas.

We design and build photovoltaic systems with gel or lithium technology . Through targeted consultancy we can identify among the many technologies, the one that best suits your needs.


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